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"What is most personal is most universal."

Carl Rogers

Welcome to Discover Psychological Services. We believe together we can make positive changes in your life that will lead to a more fulfilled and happy you.  


Here at Discover Psychological Services, we believe that therapy is about discovering elements that interfere with your happiness as well as uncovering potentials that drive you towards your goals and the kind of life you want to live. Stresses of day to day life or difficult experiences from your past can interfere with having a hopeful outlook on life. At times you may struggle to find the silver lining and it becomes easy to give into thoughts of being defeated, wanting to give up, not knowing where to start, and eventually becoming emotionally exhausted. 


We view therapy as a collaborative process and believe that obtaining skills that help you become more psychologically healthy and strong is equally as important as being physically healthy. At Discover Psychological Services our goal is to help you develop the capacity to be aware of, manage, and express your emotions in healthy ways. Making sense of everything that you are feeling and the experiences that you are going through will help you enhance the quality of your interpersonal relationships, professional identity, and ultimately your life.



Contact us for any questions or to make an appointment. 


333 North Michigan Avenue

Suite 1530

Chicago, IL 60601


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