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 Support/Psycho-education Group for New and Existing Fathers


This is an eight-week closed group starting in September designed to discuss depression and anxieties that surface from transitions of life, and challenges at each new stage. To ensure that clients’ needs and goals align with the objectives of this group, there will be a screening process.

Topics to be explored:

  • 􏰀  Adjustment to a new life routine

  • 􏰀  Primary care givers role vs. Secondary care giver role in the beginning of child’s life 

  • 􏰀  Post-partum for men

  • 􏰀  Societal/cultural lens of a father’s role and being a role model to a child of opposite/same sex

  • 􏰀  Sex life after kids

  • 􏰀  Financial adjustment and pressures

  • 􏰀  Open topic session

  • 􏰀  Self-care, open topic discussion




Baby Learning to Walk

Cost: $40/session 

Day and Time: Tuesdays at 6:00- 7:00 pm

Contact: Fizzah Zaidi M.Ed., NCC, LPC at:

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